How to Write a Basic Thank You Letter (With Samples)

Occasions That Call for a Thank You Letter
Thank you letters are appropriate in many areas of life. In a expert putting, they’re now not handiest suitable, however fairly endorsed after an interview. In a non-public placing, they are able to assist a cherished one experience unique and will let you specific genuine appreciation.

Here are some activities which could call for a thanks letter.

After a task interview

After staying at a person’s home

After receiving a gift

After getting a job offer

After a special event, like a marriage or birthday party

To acknowledge a trainer’s efforts

After receiving a donation from a commercial enterprise

After receiving a scholarship

Thank You Letter Writing Tips
The recipient of your thank you letter will effect the way you compose it. A expert letter will examine in another way than a non-public letter to a friend or family member.

No matter the addressee, there are five essential elements to any letter:

Opening deal with

Thank you assertion

Thank you details

Final thank you assertion


How to Write an Opening Address
Start by means of addressing the alternative celebration in the appropriate manner. If this is a expert thank you letter, use a proper identify (e.G, Mr., Ms., or Mrs.), their last call, and a colon. If this is a private acquaintance or pal, use their first name and a comma.

How to Write a Thank You Statement
Start with a clean “Thank you.” For instance, “Thank you for taking the time to satisfy with me nowadays” or “Thank you in your thoughtful gift.” From there, you could complicated in a considerate manner.

How to Write Thank You Details
After you’ve expressed your thanks, complex with information about why you’re thanking the recipient. If you’re thanking someone after a task interview, highlight some thing you learned on your assembly and offer an instance of how your talents line up with the placement.

If you’re thanking a pal for a present, provide an explanation for why you’re specifically grateful for it. Perhaps the new jewelry pass well with numerous clothes to your wardrobe or the leather padfolio will get a lot of use for your new function.

How to Write a Final Thank You Statement
End with one extra thanks declaration. After you’ve offered a touch detail to demonstrate your gratitude, provide one greater phrase of thank you. Consider something alongside the strains of “Thank you again to your time” or “Thank you again for your thoughtfulness. It intended the arena to me.”

How to Write a Closing
Every letter ends with the best last followed via a comma and your call. For a professional letter, use a extra formal ultimate like “Sincerely” or “Respectfully.” For a personal letter, you can use an casual ultimate along with “Best desires” or “Regards.”

Sample Professional Thank You Letters
Use thank you letter examples that will help you draft your personal letters for expert and formal situations.

Job Interview Thank You Letter Example
Perhaps one of the maximum pivotal thanks letters are those you send after a job interview. They need to be sent directly, be clean and concise, and memorable. An email is the most suitable forum for those letters. If you met with a team of interviewers, ship an individualized observe to all people.

Sample Letter:

Subject Line: Thank You – Social Media Manager Interview

Dear Mr. Gold: [Use a colon in formal settings.]

Thank you for taking the time to satisfy with me these days. I loved gaining knowledge of more about the Social Media Manager position inside Gold Enterprise. It’s an splendid match for my abilities and pastimes, given my historical past as an search engine marketing Specialist.

Your modern approach to social media advertising, along with your exceptionally delicate SEO procedures, showed my preference to turn out to be a member of your group.

In addition to my enthusiasm, I’d additionally bring my social media information, time management talents and crew player technique to the department.

Thank you again for reserving an hour from your busy time table to interview me nowadays. I continue to be very inquisitive about turning into a member of your crew and look forward to speaking with you once more!


Jane Boston

[email protected] mail.Com

1112 Boston Avenue

Boston, NY 12345

(212) 345-6798

[LinkedIn URL]


Job Offer Acceptance Thank You Letter Example
Once you receive a process provide and research all the information of the position, you have got a short window of time to either take delivery of the location or decline the position. A lot of this might be dealt with over the cellphone but, oftentimes, it can all be treated through e-mail as nicely.

If you are accepting the job offer, you can ship a thank you letter combined with your recognition letter.

Sample Email:

Subject Line: Job Offer – Social Media Manager

Dear Mr. Gold:

Thank you for supplying me the location of Social Media Manager with Gold Enterprise. I recognize all of the time you took to interview me and don’t forget my software, and I am thrilled to just accept the position.

Out of recognize for my modern business enterprise, I’d like to increase them the courtesy of weeks’ word. Following that, I’ll be ready to sign up for the crew on Monday, December 28. Please permit me recognise if those dates line up together with your schedule.

Until then, I’ll sit up for joining your team! Thank you for this high-quality opportunity.



[email protected]

(212) 345-6798

Job Offer Rejection Thank You Letter Example
If you receive a activity offer which you cannot receive, it’s still normal to send a thanks letter.

Sample Email:

Subject Line: Job Offer – Social Media Manager

Dear Mr. Gold:

Thank you for imparting me the placement of Social Media Manager with Gold Enterprise. I respect all of the time you took to interview me and bear in mind my utility. However, I am sorry to tell you that I will now not be able to be given the location.

While it sounded super, I ought to pass in a exceptional path at this time. I wish you all of the nice and wish we will preserve to accomplice inside the destiny.

Once once more, thank you for the opportunity to satisfy you and your team.



[email protected]

(212) 345-6798

Sample Personal Thank You Letters
Personal thank you letters are not required or expected, but they show your person. You can use informal language to permit buddies, own family participants, or even strangers recognise you recognize them.

Thank You for Your Hospitality Example Letter
Whenever a person opens the doorways to their home and has genuinely taken the time to be hospitable, you continually need to thank them for sharing their non-public area with you. These occasions do nicely with an old school, handwritten note. But, if you’d prefer an electronic mail, that’s applicable too.

Sample Letter:

My dearest Jennifer, [Use a comma in informal settings.]

Thank you so much for having me and Peter this weekend! We had a great time in Seattle, way to your hospitality. I don’t think I’ll ever forget about the steak-frites from Jacques Pepin!

Your home is genuinely splendid and we couldn’t were greater relaxed. It’s safe to say you have the coziest mattress on the planet!

If you ever discover your self in Savannah, recognise you’ve got a place to stay!

With love,


Thank You for the Gift Example Letter
If someone sent you a present for a unique occasion, you probable need to pick up the cellphone and speak to them proper away with a phrase of thanks.

However, it’s nevertheless crucial to send a thanks letter, as it no longer only solidifies your gratitude, but makes the sender sense special due to the fact you took the time to achieve this.

Sample Letter:

My pricey pal Sara,

Thank you for the fantastic pair of rings you despatched me for my birthday! You recognise me so properly. That rose gold is going to match at least 1/2 my dresser!

It’s been ten years for the reason that we met in that fateful English one zero one elegance, and I couldn’t be extra grateful for your friendship.

Thanks again for making my birthday even more special. I’ll ship you a p.C when I put on them to work on Monday!

With love,


Special Occasion Thank You Letter Example
Did you have fun a birthday, wedding, or purchase of a brand new home amongst buddies and family? No depend the event, it’s crucial to send a thank you letter to all of us who took the time to have a good time your unique moment.

Sample Letter:

Dear Amy,

Thank you so much for coming out to celebrate my fortieth birthday! There’s no question this is going to be my fine decade but, and part of that is due to the fact I rang it in with you.

I hope you enjoyed your time at the party! You’ll for all time hold a unique vicinity in my coronary heart and I can’t thanks enough for making the drive.

Beyond that, the silk headscarf you gave me is virtually beautiful. I’ve already positioned it on a few instances and paraded before the replicate! You’re so thoughtful (and a girl can in no way have too many scarves)!

I love you to the moon and lower back. Thank you for making my birthday even more significant. Talk quickly!

Your loving pal,


Printable Thank You Letter Template
You can make thank you letter writing even easier by using using a unfastened thanks letter PDF template. This editable template consists of preferred formatting for thanks letters so all you need to do is exchange some of the wording to fit your needs. If you want assist having access to the printable, test out this reachable troubleshooting guide.

Template for thanks letter
View and Download PDF

General Letter Writing Tips
Once you have an concept of what you need to say and the tone you need to take, there are some other details to hold in thoughts.

Be Thoughtful About Format
Thank you letters can be handwritten, typed, or maybe emailed. Think approximately your recipient and choose the maximum suitable layout. In professional conditions, an email is acceptable and can be preferred as it’s brief. For private eventualities, a handwritten letter can feel greater thoughtful.

Be Prompt
A not on time thank you letter has less meaning than a set off response. If you’re drafting a thanks letter for a process interview, ship it that same afternoon or the subsequent morning. If you’re thanking a friend for a few form of gracious gesture, send it within an afternoon or of their act of kindness.

Be Specific
It’s nearly a waste of it slow in case you don’t take a second to add a personal line or in your letter. People can sense a ordinary thank you letter and it’s going to bring little which means. That stated, you don’t need to overdo it with gratitude. Just a easy line or two will do.

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